9 Steps for How to Field Dress a Deer

Good job! You got a deer. Now it’s time to talk about how to clean a deer. The first step is field dressing a deer.

Learning how to field dress a deer properly can significantly improve the taste and quality of your venison meat.

The Marty Prokop 9 Steps for How to Field Dress a Deer

1) How to clean a deer starts with a good kit to field dress a deer. When I head out for a day deer hunting I always carry a complete deer field dressing kit.

2) Members of my deer hunting community at free-deer-hunting-tips.com often ask, “ Marty Prokop, what do you bring to clean a deer?”

Here is what I bring to field dress a deer: latex gloves, large Ziploc-type bag, hand sanitizer, wet ones or wet rag for washing my hands, a sharp knife, a “belly zipper” or gut hook knife and 10 to12 foot of rope.

3) Part of how to field dress a deer is packing this kit into a large enough Ziploc-type bag and remembering to place it in your deer hunting back pack. The total weight of my kit to clean a deer is only about 12 to14 ounces.

4) After a successful deer hunting harvest, it is time to implement the remaining steps associated with field dressing a deer. I unpack each item from my deer cleaning kit.

5) Safety and sanitation are important parts of cleaning a deer. After the first time I learned how to field dress a deer, I decided to use latex gloves to protect my hands from bacteria. When you are planning your deer cleaning kit you could also use large plastic gloves sold at most sporting goods stores.

6) Once initial steps of cleaning a deer are complete, I wipe off my deer hunting knives with the wet rag or moist towel placing them into my pack.

7) After I have completed the steps detailed here on how to field dress a deer, I use the Ziploc-type bag to carry out the heart and liver. This keeps your clothes free from the blood associated with the process of cleaning a deer.

8) I use the hand sanitizer to clean my hands. I then pack up my deer cleaning kit.

9) I use the rope as a deer drag. This is a Marty Prokop how to clean a deer “must.”

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